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The Top 3 Low and No Cost Ways to Get New Massage Clients...
In This Video You Will Learn:
  •  The 3 places you need to be online to get new clients
  •  How you can set up these resources in 1 hour
  • How to put your social media marketing on autopilot
Do you feel confused and frustrated when it comes to marketing your massage practice? This training video will show you exactly how to get new clients without spending a lot of money or time...
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Massage Marketing Made Simple is designed to take the guesswork out of marketing for massage therapists. We provide strategies, training, coaching and done-for-you marketing content developed specifically for licensed massage professionals.

With a 360-degree approach to marketing, we focus on all aspects of starting and growing a successful practice. In addition to foundational marketing concepts, MMMS is committed to providing massage therapists with unparalleled access to online marketing techniques and to teaching the skills necessary to attract, engage and build relationships with new and existing clients using social media and other online resources. 

Founded on the concept of simplicity, our professionally-developed marketing content is presented in a way that makes learning and implementing effective marketing techniques a straightforward and fun process.  

Our strategies work for almost any massage therapist: 
• Massage therapists with their own offices
• Mobile massage therapists
• Massage therapists who work in a spa/group environment

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